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the debut album

how my friends must worry

out now


The Unique Process

Keddjra's approach to recording is unorthodox. Using just her iPhone, Garageband, and a pair of apple plug-in earbuds, she records her songs while sitting on her bedroom floor. Completely self written and almost entirely self-produced, the album is a cumulation of raw emotion and unapologetic honesty. For the final touches, good friends and bandmates Eric Welty and Zoe Moff joined in to help to bring her vision to life.

About the Album

Keddjra stirs an indie lo-fi vibe with grungy lyrics to create her unique blend of bedroom pop. The album features12 fresh tracks, taking listeners through tumultuous periods of change and a journey of self exploration. The lyrics are vulnerable and intimate; an inside look into the world of the artist.  From simple folk inspired guitar songs to complex electronic pieces, the total work is diverse and accessible to a wide range of musical tastes. 

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