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Keddjra is a Denver-based singer/songwriter specializing in jazz-inspired vocals over minimalist accompaniment. Writing and performing for over a decade, she has played some of the most prestigious and recognizable bars and venues in the Denver Metro Area, including Larimer Lounge, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and Dazzle Jazz Club. Keddjra, known for her evocative performances, has released her debut album in 2023, following a series of compelling singles since 2020. Currently, she's gearing up for her summer tour and the drop of her new EP, "bone tired". Whether in solo or duo sets at local spots or fronting for Keddjra the band, Keddjra's authentic sound leaves an indelible mark on every stage she touches.

  • December 1st at Vision Quest Brewery in Boulder 6-8pm

  • December 7th at 100 Nickle in Broomfield Doors at 7pm

  • December 8th at The Roxy on Broadway 8pm

  • December 21st at Ophelias Electric Soapbox

  • January 13th at Bruz Beers in Midtown 6-8pm


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Debut Album
Out Now


Elevating from bedroom production to professional studios and collaborating with seasoned producers, Keddjra's latest album reflects newfound depth and sonic richness. Teasing listeners with four singles since 2020, each unveiling a facet of her evolving style; Keddjra is always keeping things fresh. She recently returned from her bone tired tour to the East Coast of the US and released the bone tired EP.  She's consistently weaving together a musical narrative that embodies her unique journey and unparalleled artistry.


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